The Rockshop Performing Arts Center

Vocal Master Class with Ashley Mitchell

June 8, 2019

Vocal Master Class

Have you been thinking about voice lessons, but have no idea what to expect?

Are you already a professional performer, but would like to learn tips on how to sing healthy without straining the voice?

Or perhaps you are experiencing vocal issues and would like to learn exercises to help recovery?

A Vocal Master Class can help you to overcome these issues and more!

What is a Vocal Master Class?
A Vocal Master Class is a mini lecture on the voice along with a concentrated public coaching for the singers who participate. Through discussions and demonstrations, everyone gains valuable knowledge on how to properly use the voice.

Professional Singer/Songwriter, Ashley Mitchell will be teaching the fundamentals of singing and taking a deeper look into the voice.

“As a professional singer I know how easy it is to strain or overuse the voice in performance situations. Practicing healthy vocal habits is essential to the longevity of a performer’s career. I’m hoping everyone will walk away from this class with a new outlook on proper technique and tips on how to strengthen and/or maintain the clarity of the voice.”

-Ashley Mitchell

About Ashley Mitchell
Ashley Mitchell has been performing professionally since she was 14 years old. She has been trained in classical and pop styles of singing and gained a B.A. in Music with Vocal Concentration in 2011 from Washington College. Ashley has been the Vocal Instructor at B and B Music and Sound since 2011. Having experience performing with rock bands, high energy dance bands, acoustic duos and trios, and as a soloist, she has gained a great deal of experience on stage practicing healthy vocal habits.

June 8th, 10 am – 11:30 am.
$45 per person