The Rockshop Performing Arts Center

The High and Wides

January 18, 2019

The High and Wides!

January 18th, 2019 :: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Join us at the Rockshop for two awesome bluegrass acts! The High and Wides from Baltimore Maryland, with Delaware’s own Nate Grower, and Delaware natives Captain Blue’s Grass band!

The High & Wides, like the large-haul trains for which the band is named, project a big, driving sound! Mountain musical traditions re-imagined for a new century.

Formed on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in 2015, they write music about arson and hourly motels, dystopian love songs, and ballads of violent history. The High and Wides draw from their members’ extensive backgrounds in bluegrass and take the music to a place all their own, recalling an era when old-time rockabilly and proto-rock’n’roll coexisted in a murky soup of hillbilly string band music.

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Captain Blue’s Grass Band is steeped in rich history! Hailing from good ole Sussex County, Delaware, they strive to keep classic American culture alive through their lively picking, heartfelt vocals, and soaring harmonies.

Armed with nothing but acoustic instruments and their voices, Captain Blue’s Grass Band is turning heads across the penninsula with their own funky blend of Bluegrass, Folk, and Rock n’ Roll!

Joey Todd (Vocals/Bass), Joshua Rose (Vocals/Harmonica/Guitar), and C.J. Cutsail (Vocals/Guitar), captivate audiences from stages of all sizes, in every corner of the Delmarva Peninsula, by singing tales of love and loss, mystery and adventure, gambling and betrayal, beauty and horror, and life and death.