The Rockshop Performing Arts Center

Jim Rezac and Friends!

April 28, 2018

Jim Rezac and Friends!

Apr 28th, 2018 :: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

More About Jim Rezac and Friends…

Although he’s played guitar since he was a kid, Jim Rezac has only been writing songs for about 7 or 8 yrs. In that short time he has been allowed to perform his original tunes at the Avalon Theater in Easton, MD…Wilmingtons’ Grand…The Bitter End in NYC and numerous Songwriter Showcases in Delaware. Add to that a few on-air broadcast, a live internet concert on 12.12.12 and gigs at local wineries and breweries and it would seem like all the songwriter does is perform his own material; and that would be correct.

“I think the secret is to play at venues where the people are coming to hear what you have to say…not necessarily to hear their favorite tune that they’ve listened to on the way over.” Rezac points out. “And Kent Co, DE is teaming with enthusiastic and supportive patrons of folks that do what I like to do. Thankfully for me! ”

The Dover native noticed that, after writing for a band he was in, he could not turn off the ‘idea machine’. Things clicked when he fell into a habit of working the ideas, even just a bit more than he used to, right after getting them.

“Technology is incredible….if old guys like me just learn it enough.” jokes Rezac. “I keep my phone with me at all time (who doesn’t??) and record ideas using the coolest new apps. But the best thing is when you integrate them with other devices, and email, and …the next thing you know, you have a system.”

Jim’s songs have been described by local musician/recording engineer Chris Kirby as ‘honest’ Rezac says he thinks he knows what that means and likes it. But mostly, the writer feels he matches the right lyric with puzzle piece melody that, together create a vibe you don’t get completely from either…separately.

Rezac also teaches guitar and was approached by a student who heard his originals at a concert. “Jessica (Ingham) asked if I’d be offended if she sang some harmonies for me at her next lesson. I laughed and told her what an honor it was. I mean, my mom says she likes my stuff….but when a non-family member puts harmonies that she’s worked on for a week to your songs, well… that why we do this!”.

Jim Rezac performs at B&B Musics’ ROCK SHOP CENTER FOR PERFORMING ARTS on Sat. April 28th. He will be joined by Mrs. Ingham as well as her sister, Savanah Georgia Laity. And Jim’s friend, bassist, and all around great guy, Kenny Belmont (Bad JuJu) will be providing tasty bass licks!